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Stop ‘Meddling’ In Hong Kong Affairs, China Tells UN Experts



Xi Jinping

China has issued a fierce rebuke on Friday to UN experts who said a draconian national security law imposed upon Hong Kong poses a serious risk to the city’s freedoms and breaches international legal obligations.

Beijing has faced a barrage of criticism over the legislation, imposed late June after pro-democracy protests rocked the semi-autonomous city last year.

The law, which criminalises secession, subversion, terrorism and colluding with foreign forces, carries a maximum life sentence and has intimidated many protesters into silence.

In a letter made public Friday, the UN special rapporteurs on human rights warned parts of the legislation “appear to criminalise freedom of expression or any form of criticism” of China.

In customarily strong language, China’s foreign ministry was swift to strike down the allegations, saying the law “punishes an extremely small number and protects the absolute majority” in the financial hub.

“Some people disregard the facts and maliciously slander China’s human rights situation… and crudely interfere in China’s internal affairs,” ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters.

“Stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs and China’s affairs in any way.”

Hong Kong lurched into chaos last year as pro-democracy protesters — furious at perceived encroachment by China on the city’s freedoms — clashed with police.

Unrest has simmered down thanks to coronavirus restrictions and the chilling effect of the security law — under which more than 20 people have been arrested, including a prominent media tycoon.

The letter by the UN advisers — the first issued since the law blanketed the southern Chinese city — gave a vigorous dissection of the damage being inflicted upon the freedoms once enjoyed in Hong Kong, enshrined in an agreement made before the 1997 handover from British colonial rule back to China.

The security law “poses a serious risk that those fundamental freedoms and due process protections may be infringed upon”, the rapporteurs said.

The letter warned the legislation could “impinge impermissibly on the rights to freedom of opinion, expression and of peaceful assembly”.

The rapporteurs urged China’s “reconsideration” of the legislation and for a fully independent reviewer to be appointed to ensure it complies with China’s international human rights obligations.

They also expressed concern over one of the most controversial points of the law — which allows cases to be transferred from the jurisdiction of Hong Kong to mainland China — and warned it could undermine the right to a fair trial.

The broadly worded law criminalised certain political speech overnight, such as advocating sanctions against China or greater autonomy or independence for Hong Kong.

Lawyers for some of the more than 20 people arrested under the law so far say police are trawling historical actions of pro-democracy activists to beef up their cases.

The UN experts also raised concerns over the definition of terrorism under the national security law.

They warned it extends to damage of physical property such as transport facilities — which goes well beyond the UN Security Council’s definition of terrorist conduct as aiming to cause death or serious bodily harm.



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156 new cases of “Coronavirus” recorded in Nigeria




Coronavirus Cases In Nigeria


156 new cases of Coronavirus were recorded in Nigeria on Friday September 4, as confirmed by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).


A breakdown of the new cases across states is as follows; Lagos-36, FCT-35, Oyo-29, Kaduna-10, Abia-9, Osun-5, Ogun-5, Enugu-5, Rivers-4, Nasarawa-3, Ekiti-3, Imo-3, Edo-2, Kwara-2, Katsina-2, Plateau-2, Niger-1.


There are now 54,743 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the country and 1, 051 deaths have been recorded, 42,816 patients who recovered from the disease have also been discharged.


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Widow abandoned by inlaws because she is from Ngwa




A Nigerian lady has narrated how her in-laws abandoned her and her children after her husband’s death because she is from Abia tribe ‘Ngwa ‘.

The lady who is celebrating the birth of her son, said he was born weeks after her husband’s death. She also claimed that even after she notified her late husband’s parents of the birth of their grandchild, they blocked her number and abandoned her thereafter.

Dorine Darlington Obi also recalled being told several times that “her sin was coming from the ‘Ngwa’ tribe in Abia state.” She further disclosed that after her in-laws got news of her becoming successful than everyone expected, they attributed it to prostitution.

She wrote;


On this day , four years ago , I removed my mourning cloths. See me looking hungry and unkept. In fact I was even glowing here…lol

Let me share something God did .

My pastor’s wife had advised me not to have my baby while mourning . that I should try and remove the mourning cloth before baby comes.

OK, baby’s date was Oct 4. My late daughter was born on Oct 5th.

I prayed and cried before the alter that God brings my baby before October. I asked that my baby comes ending of September as I was even tired of everything.

After three months of mourning and I had fixed the Thanksgiving date for Sept 18th. So I could prepare for baby’s arrival .( working with doctor’s timing )

One afternoon, I started crying while singing, questioning God . I cried and slept off.

In a trance kind of, I was told to remove my mourning cloth that weekend. I woke up, wiped my tears and put a call across to inform the church that I have changed my mind on the date. As it would be done that weekend.

Guess what, I removed my mourning cloth on 4th September and had my baby a week after 12th Sept. ( God’s timing)

If i hadn’t listened, I would have had my baby while mourning as I had already fixed on 18th Sept.

Even God knew I had a great child in me and didn’t want him tied to mourning tradition.

Thank you God for how far I have come.

I am here to return all the glory without reservation.

A week later I had my king. My great man came through.

I put a call across to his dad’s parents to tell them I had given birth to a son for Obi.

I called both of them severally without response. Then I sent a text message telling them I had put to bed to a baby boy and also told them the name of their child. Prince Jassiel Chikamso Obichukwu jnr.

I sent the message to both grand parents number.

I got a reply ” To God be the glory . amen. And Glory be to God respectively.

The next thing. My number was blocked from both numbers . lolzz.

That was how I packed myself and told myself the bitter truth.

Dorine , you are not wanted neither are your kids.

Brace yourself, take care of them. They are all you got right now and make your late hubby proud.

At a point sometimes, I would cry while breastfeeding my son . I would apologise to him and his sister for facing such hatred. I beat myself up severally for going into a family where I was not loved ( I wasn’t aware before marriage ).

I was depressed those times. Postpartum depression set in. I started seeing my getting married as the worst mistake I ever did. I was very young .

My kids were rejected. I wish Obi in his grave could see that a family he slaved for abandoned his children after his death.

The only crime I committed was coming from Ngwa ( Abia State) I was told to my face severally.

Till today , non of their father’s family came to see their grand son and nephew . lolzz.

I gave myself courage to hustle very hard and smart to give them the best I could .

God came through and bestowed strength and Grace on me.

Today , we are doing well. We do not look a bit like what life put us through .

Our trials has shaped me into a strong, resilient, confident , hardworking , streetwise ,happy woman .

When men thought I couldn’t do it. God did and still does it for me.

I have come to return the glory after four whole years.

Chukwu okike , oke mmuo, Chinasaram Okwu, chinalurum Ogu, Ebubedike , Chi si n’ebe ikpofu ahihia bulue Dorine na umu ya elu, Omeokachie . naara ekele m ooo.

Allow me laugh while I can. There were times laughter was far from me, all I had was tears .

Severally , I was mocked to my face. They said let them see who will buy me expensive gifts again. That I will see the real frustration.

I remember one encounter , I was walking out of the market during those times .

I saw one of my sisters in-law and brother in-law. The brother in-law on seeing me turned his back while the sister in-law laughed rhetorically at me.

She said, see her. This is just the beginning of your frustration.

I walked past like I didn’t see anyone nor hear anyone.

When the news came that I was beginning to do better than everyone expected .

They said I was into prostitution . lolzz

On hearing that, My prayer request changed . I asked God to give me more customers because a prostitute without a customer will be frustrated with hunger.

Today, I can eat , feed my kids. Cloth myself , cloth my kids and still have a little to feed the homeless with .

Is this God not amazing ?

In whatever you are passing through . hear me now, no man has the final say over your life. Maduabughichi ma ncha.

I promise you I am not crying , just cutting some onion . lolzz.



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One dead, six injured in Ondo auto crash



A yet-to-be-identified man was killed in a road accident that occurred on the Benin-Ore Expressway in the Odigbo Local Government Area of Ondo State on Friday.

The accident was said to have involved a Nissan Vanette Bus with registration number REL882XA and a DAF Truck with number LAR 261XV.

It was gathered that the accident happened when it was drizzling and the road was wet.

One of the vehicles involved was said to have driven against the traffic on the expressway, thereby causing the crash.

The Ondo State Sector Command of the Federal Road Safety Corps confirmed the incident.

The Public Relations Officer of the command, Tola Ogunbanwo, said six persons were injured in the fatal accident.

Ogunbanwo said, “The victims were taken to the state General Hospital by the police working very close to the scene while the corpse was deposited at a morgue in Opeyemi Hospital Hospital Ore.”

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