COVID-19: Global condom shortage looms – Producer warns

A global condom shortage is looming as the coronavirus pandemic disrupts production and supply chains of the world’s top maker of contraceptives.

Most countries are on lockdown as over half of humanity has been confined to their homes as the highly contagious virus ravages the world.

Some businesses deemed non-essential have also been closed down.

Malaysia, one of the world’s top rubber producers and a major source of condoms in March imposed a nationwide lockdown.

Malaysian contraceptive giant is expected to produce 200 million fewer condoms than usual with the restrictions on its operations

Chief executive, karex, Goh Miah Kiat has warned that supplies of contraceptives will be hit hard with disruption in supply and transport difficulties.

He expressed worries about the supplies of condoms to developing countries.

Kiat warned that with other producers around the world likely facing disruption in getting condoms to market due to transport problems, supplies of contraceptives will be hit hard.

“The world will definitely see a condom shortage.

“It’s challenging, but we are trying our best right now to do whatever we can. It is definitely a major concern because condoms are an essential medical device.

“While we are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, there are also other serious issues that we need to look at,” he added.

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