COVID-19: Kaduna quarantines 50 inter-state travellers


Kaduna State Standing Committee on Covid-19 has disclosed that 50 persons have been quarantined at the NYSC camp, near the State capital, for violating the prohibition of interstate travel, in compliance with Quarantine Orders.

In an update issued by Special Adviser on Media and Communication, Mr Muyiwa Adekeye on Tuesday, the Standing Committee said that the culprits ‘’will be isolated there for 14 days to ensure that they are Covid-19 free.’’

Adekeye said that ‘’the quarantine centre received its first set of 27 guests on Sunday, while 23 others were brought in on Monday, following the deployment of senior Kaduna State Government officials to enforce the restriction of movement at various points of entry into the state.’’

The Special Adviser warned ‘’ that Kaduna State will no longer offer the option of quarantine for persons traveling illegally. ‘’

‘’Federal and state quarantine orders currently in force prohibit all non-essential travel. Therefore, all persons are expected to stay put wherever they are until the quarantine restrictions are lifted,’’ Adekeye advised.

The Special Adviser reiterated that ‘’with the exception of persons on essential duty, anybody attempting to enter Kaduna State will henceforth be turned back and compelled to return to their points of departure.’’

The statement also reminded employees and officials of the Federal Government and other state governments that are not on essential duty, to desist from breaking the ban on interstate travel.

According to Adekeye, senior government officials ‘’on enforcement duty at points of entry have noticed many federal government employees on the road, traveling with their families and friends for non-essential reasons.’’

‘’Such persons ought to set an example of compliance with regulations, including the nationwide prohibition of interstate travel imposed by President Muhammadu Buhari,’’ he said.


The Special Adviser warned that ‘’federal government vehicles, identity papers and uniforms should not be used to violate state regulations or to assume immunity from regulations issued by the President.”

The statement also appealed to all Kaduna State residents to cooperate with health officials whenever they are required to be tested for Covid-19, provide contact details or to submit for isolation and treatment, if they test positive.

Adekeye reminded that ‘’it is a violation of the law and infectious diseases regulations for anyone to seek to evade testing or treatment. Persons who knowingly place other people in danger of infection or avoid testing and treatment are liable to prosecution for endangering public safety.’’

The Special Adviser further said that 15 patients have so far been discharged and four fatalities recorded, out of the 92 active cases in the state.

‘’Four of the 13 new cases that were reported on Monday, 11th May 2020 are contacts of the senior citizen from Makarfi Local Government Area who has sadly died of the disease,’’ he said.


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