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COVID19 Gender based violence on the rise in Nigeria

The Minister of WomenAffairs, Dame Pauline Tallen told the UN Envoy that gender based violence has increased since the pandemic. she said that the ministry needs support in the area of empowerment, the inclusion of women in the political space, adding that issues affecting women should not be left in the background On her part, the United Nations Deputy Secretary – General, Amina Mohammed said that Nigeria needs to channel its energy towards things that will unite the nation rather than divide it. She called on the Public Service to be strengthened, saying that public servants have a role to protect the rights of those who elected them. According to her, the covid19 pandemic has brought about so many challenges for countries of the world but Nigeria needs to unite together to fight it, adding that its moral and social values binds it together as one entity. Amina expressed satisfaction on how the ministry has protected the right of women through its NationalSituation Room which helps to track gender-based violence cases in the country.

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