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Ebonyi House Members, Local Govt Chairman and political appointees to remian in detention until peace returns to Effium community – Umahi

The Governor of Ebonyi State, Dave Umahi in a bid to contain the communal crises between Effium and Ezza-Effium people in Ohaukwu LGA has ordered security agencies to shoot anyone bearing illegal arms, or attempting to attack innocent members of the warring community.

Governor Umahi gave the order during an assessment and inquiry visit to the war-torn community and wondered how a sane person would raise a cutlass or gun and kill a fellow citizen.

In his words, “houses were burnt, old people running for their lives, look at the story of small children, look at our women; there are things people do and they will bring a curse upon the land”.

Umahi declared that he would no longer embark on any development programs or projects in the community. ” One thing about my government is that when people use their hands to destroy their property in the name of fighting; my government will not give them any kobo to rebuild it. “So, no kobo will come from the government to rebuild any property burnt here” he stated.

Speaking further, Umahi said, “Your leaders are the once encouraging this crisis. If they have been seeking peace at all times, we wouldn’t have been in crises”.

“We are killing ourselves instead of tasking our leaders. We have come to a stage where we have very unpatriotic leaders in Nigeria. Our youths have been deceived, with ten thousand naira they would destroy people. The Bible said whatsoever a man sows that he shall reap and that is why there is no progress among our youths.”

“When people struggle for land, we say they are very stupid. This first world that came to be was destroyed by God. People existed. People own this land, but flood took them away. How can you now claim as a second creation that the land belong to you? Do you know who lived here before and died?” governor Umahi concluded.

Tracing the remote and immediate cause of the crises, stakeholders in Effium and Ezza-Effium linked it to the struggle of leadership and collection of levies in the motor park.

Other stakeholders linked the crises to political misunderstanding between the leadership of Ezza Effium and Effium people.

However, according to Governor Dave Umahi, all the stakeholders linked to the crisis, ranging from their local government chairman, Ebonyi state house of Assembly representative, councilors, and all appointees of the governor from the Ezza-effium and Effium were all in police custody pending return of peace in the community.

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