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Ikorodu boils as hoodlums unleash mayhem

Ikorodu area of of Lagos State is currently boiling due to activities of hoodlums in Ogolonto and Magidun who have engaged each other in a supremacy fight.

The fracas which began Saturday’s afternoon has paralyzed activities in the area, with several persons injured, others robbed and many vehicles vandalized.


Currently, entry and exit from Ikorodu is impossible as the hoodlums are having a free day with nobody to check them.

It was gathered that the melee has already claimed at least two lives and properties worth million have been destroyed.

According to a resident who identified himself as Moses, said the fracas was as a result of sharing formula of the proceeds of a land sold in between Magidun and Ogolonto.

Initially, people thought that gridlock in the area was caused by #EndSARS protesters but commuters and pedestrians started running helter -skeeter that was when it was cleared that it goes beyond protest.


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