Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Imo Governorship Election: We will take over Douglas House – Labour Party

Eight months into the Imo State governorship election which holds in November, technocrats are throwing their hats into the ring, raising the prospect of a change away from untested career politicians to candidates of letter, skill and public service experience.

In Abuja on Tuesday, retired Assistant Inspector General of Police, Dr Charles Ugomuoh was at the headquarters of the Labour Party to obtain the expression of interest form to contest for the Douglas House, the seat of the Imo State governor, in the November election.

The excitement at the labour party headquarters was captured by the national secretary of the party Alhaji Umar Farouk, who said that Ugomuoh’s wide experience put him in a strong position to achieve victory in the election. He said that the entry of candidates of Ugomuoh’s calibre and pedigree is an indication that Nigerians have woken up to the need for clean, skilled and informed candidates to run the affairs of the States and a new Nigeria is possible.

He promised that Labour Party, as a matter of value and principle, will provide a level field for all candidates in primaries leading up to the November election.

Dr Charles Ugomuoh after collecting his expression of interest form Stated that he decided to contest for the governorship of Imo State in order to address the state of hopelessness created by a bulging youth unemployment and youth unemployability. He expressed worry that governance in Imo State was looking away from the frustration that such a situation has created and promised to create a youth-friendly government in the State.

Dr. Ugomuoh stated that if he gets elected, he would demarcate Imo State into zones of comparative advantage and aggregate investment interests to exploit the advantage and create Job opportunities.

As a necessary palliative, he promised to institute unemployment benefits scheme to give the youth hope while improving skills acquisition to make them employable.

Also speaking, a former Comptroller General of Nigeria Correctional Service, Peter Ekpendu regretted that governance in Nigeria has been left for the unqualified, expressing his happiness that people like Charles Ugomuoh were throwing their hats in the ring in a mission of redemption.

Dr Charles Ugomuoh was Senate Contestant in the 2019 general election.

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