Labour Party Only Place Peter Obi Can Win Election In 2027 – National Vice Chair


The Labour Party’s National Vice Chairman, Ayo Olorunfemi, asserts that the party offers the best platform for Peter Obi to contest and emerge victorious in the 2027 presidential election.

Obi, who ran for presidency under the Labour Party in the 2023 election, has come under pressure from some members of his Obidient support group to quit the party which has been hit by crisis after the elections ahead of the 2027 polls.

Responding to the call for Obi to leave the party on Wednesday, Olorunfemi said true Obidients won’t suggest such action to Obi.

“Well, I will just use the word delusional, those ones that are pressing for such, they are delusional. Some people can overreach themselves, the true Obidients out there, they won’t advise Peter Obi to leave the party,” Olorunfemi said.

“You have the true Obidients, the student unions groups, the youths of Nigeria, the hardworking people of Nigeria, are tired of what is going on in Nigeria, people are tired of hunger, which political party will he go to? To go back to PDP, APC or to Where?

“This is a political party that is based on ideology, we are social democrats here. The people that put this political party up are social democrats and that is entrenched in the constitution. So, the only place for Peter Obi to win the election in 2027 is the Labour Party and we are preparing for that.”


He insisted that the former Anambra State governor remains the best president Nigeria is yet to have, adding that by the grace of God, he will emerge the winner in 2027.

Olurunfemi is confident that the Labour Party will come out of its crisis stronger, saying that the leadership of the party under Julius Abure will fight for peace and the party and open the return of the Lamidi Apapa camp into its fold.

He said that the process of reconciliation is ongoing and that Apapa and Abayomi Arambabi are still members of the party. adding that the party may have a special convention to fill some positions that were not occupied in its last convention.


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