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Mpape Community leaders beg for improved facilities and blame corruption for broken roads.

Community leaders, market and trade associations in Mpape, a suburb of Abuja, the Nigerian federal capital territory, have begged the federal government to help improve public facilities in the area.

At a corruption Tori Town Hall Meeting organized in Abuja last week by signature communication LTD, supported by MacArthur Foundation, the leaders blamed corruption for broken roads, poor medical facilities, high cost of education among others.

Mpape Community is a community that houses people of different tribes, languages and religions which makes it strategic for what corruption Tori needs to achieve, people at the grass-roots level.

Residents in the Town Hall used the opportunity to share their personal experiences on corruption and all agreed that the lack of social amenities in the community was as a result of corruption.

A resident of Mpape, identified as Jumai Tanko, who represented the chairlady of the Mpape Women Association, decried the poor infrastructure in Mpape Community, adding that Mpape has been abandoned.

She called on the Government to improve social amenities in Mpape to enable the citizens to live comfortably and expressed disappointment that some funds released for projects were embezzled.

Another resident on behalf of her widowed mother recounted how difficult it is to train her children in school with the increased cost of education.

The Igala Community Leader who said that corruption starts in a person’s early life, appealed to the Government to avoid eating taxpayers money, rather use it judiciously for what it is meant for.

With the contributions of residents in the Town Hall, it shows that the people understand how corruption has been affecting and hindering development in their community and have taken a stance never to allow it to thrive in their community.

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