Nollywood Actress Uchenna Nnanna Maduka Exposes Power Outage at Imo State Airport


In a startling revelation, Nollywood actress Uchenna Nnanna Maduka has brought to light the dire situation at the Imo State Airport, highlighting the lack of electricity that has left passengers claiming their luggage outside the terminal.

In 2024, the Imo State Airport is grappling with severe power outages, leaving travelers and staff in a challenging predicament. Nollywood actress Uchenna Nnanna Maduka recently exposed the shocking state of the airport, questioning the government’s inaction in addressing the issue.

Passengers were seen claiming their luggage outside the airport building due to the absence of electricity inside. This situation has raised concerns about the airport’s operational efficiency and the overall experience for travelers.

“This is disgraceful,” Maduka stated in a video shared on social media, which quickly went viral. “How can an airport in 2024 be without electricity? What is our government doing?”


Travelers have expressed frustration and disappointment over the lack of basic amenities, which they say undermines the state’s image and deters potential tourists and business travelers. The situation has sparked widespread criticism and calls for immediate government intervention.

As the issue gains public attention, there is mounting pressure on the authorities to address the power outage at the Imo State Airport and ensure that such disruptions do not recur. The state government is yet to respond to the growing outcry from citizens and public figures alike, but it is clear that swift action is needed to restore normalcy and confidence in the airport’s operations.


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