Premier League: IFAB announces rule changes for next season including to VAR

Reluctance by referees to use pitch-side monitors has been one of the most common complaints of VAR in the Premier League, but in a bid to restore the integrity of the use of technology, IFAB has announced new changes to its use beginning next season. The body also confirmed plans to review the offside law involving ‘armpit offsides’ The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has announced a raft of new changes to the Laws of the Game.
The rules include alterations to Video Assistant Referee (VAR), handball rule and decisions on penalty kick. Under the new guidelines, the football law-making body ruled referees will be required to take time looking at pitch-side monitors during reviewable incidents. Initially, the monitors were only used on one occasion and has been a cause of complaint among fans.
“Where a reviewable incident is subjective, the expectation is that the referee will undertake an ‘on-field review’,” the IFAB said in a statement. Coronavirus: University of Ibadan changes strategy, shuts gates, introduces new entry permit IFAB further provided clarification on the controversial ‘accidental’ handball decisions, with the body resolving a player will only be penalised if the action immediately results in a goal or an obvious chance for one to score.
On the penalty-taking protocol, IFAB ruled a goalkeeper coming off the line during a spot-kick will only lead to the retaking of a penalty only of if the initial kick is saved. That implies, penalty efforts that miss the target will not be retaken even if the keeper comes off the line. Further, intrusion into the area by outfield players from both sets of teams during penalty-taking will lead to it being retaken.
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