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Reactions trail “Lagos State New Traffic Rules: Offences And Their Fines”

Nigerians on Wednesday took to social media to react to the LAGOS STATE NEW TRAFFIC RULES: Offences and their Fines.

While some see it as a new revenue stream for the state, others were of the opinion of it being an avenue to deter drivers from violating highway code.

Find the “LAGOS STATE NEW TRAFFIC RULES: Offences And Their Fines” below:

1. Driving without a Driver’s licence – Impound vehicle.

2. Driving of any vehicle by person under 18 – N30,000.

3. Driving with fake number plates – N30,000, 3 years in prison.

4. Driving with forged vehicle particulars – 6 months in prison.

5. Driving with fake driver’s licence – 6 months in prison.

6. Driving without road worthiness – Impound vehicle.

7. Driving only yellow – N80,000. Enforce painting

8. Driving without Hackey permit – Impound vehicle.

9. No display of Hackey permit – Impound vehicle

10. Kabu Kabu without permit – Impound vehicle

11. Disobeying LASTMA Officer – N30,000/
Impound vehicle.

12. Neglect of traffic direction light – 3 months in prison.

13. Smoking while driving – N30,000/Impound vehicle.

14. Physically assault traffic officer – N50,000/6 months in prison.

15. Driving without full light – N50,000.

16. Driving with worn out tyre – N30,000.

17. Driving without spare tyre – N30,000

18. Driving smoking vehicle – N30,000

19. No fire extinguisher – N30,000

20. Broken windscreen – N30,000

21. Tinted windscreen – N30,000

22. Eating and driving with one hand – 3 months in prison.

23. One way driving – 3 years in prison

24. Driving without fasten seat blt – N30,000

25. Not painting a commercial vehicle the approved colour – N50,000

26. No car hire service permit – 1st 20,000; 2nd N30,000, Impond vehicle

27. Parking on yellow line on any public highway/

illegal parking – 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000

28. Vehicle crossing double yellow line/center line – 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000.

29. Staying within the yellow junction box (offside rule) – 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000

30. Failure to yield to right of the way of pedestrian at zebra crossing – 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000

31. Failure to give to traffic on the left at a roundabout – 1st N20,000; subsequent N30,000.

32. Driving on walkway or kerb – Impound

33. Reversing on the highway & parking on walkways – 50,000 naira

34. Obstruction of traffic -20,000 naira

35. Picking/Dropping passengers on illegal B/stop -50,000 naira

36. Driving on BRT lanes –70,000


Find some Reactions here:

Omolola Oladimeji wrote: “Emmm … Lagosians… please confirm this oo.
Abi Lagos broke ni? Abi new revenue stream ni? Many people nlo si ewon fa😀😀😀. O ga ju!”

Sunday Adebola sarcastically wrote “at least lagosians now get 24/7 power supply, pipe borne water, affordable housing and all roads networked”

Emmanuel Ajiboye said: “This will be difficult to achieve in our country that is not organize from the beginning”

Emmanuel Ebbah wrote : “Lagos landlord is broke”

Charles Eromosele in his comment: “Them go Arrest tire..”

It is worthy to note that rules and regulations are established to protect the weaker class in the society since they are at a disadvantage if such rules are broken. When rules are properly set and followed, they provide a stable environment and human co-existence in a community, resulting in peace and order.

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