Reps introduce 15-minute tea break to “stretch legs”

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives will be going on a 15-minute break every day of sitting so they “stretch their legs”, Daily Trust has learnt.

They say they need to stretch their legs after sitting for a long time at plenary.

House spokesperson Benjamin Kali (APC, Abia), said that, the 15-minutes break will also allow Muslim members to observe their prayers while others have a tea break.

“Medically speaking, you are advised not to sit for too long in one place. If you sit for too long, it is medically unhealthy for you. It affects blood circulation. The world over now, it is being advised not to sit for too long in one place,” he said.

” You know people here (The House of Representatives) are not young people. Only few are young. And even at that, you are advised to take a walk after a while. And in the wisdom of the House, it decided that members should be given 15 minutes to stretch their legs.”

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