Second Southern Mexico Mayor Killed In One Week


A second southern Mexico mayor has been killed in less than a week, local authorities announced Saturday, after he went to visit an indigenous community.

The murder of Acacio Flores, who represents Malinaltepec, comes days after the killing of Salvador Villalba Flores, another mayor from Guerrero state elected in June 2 polls.

The body of Flores was discovered with a bullet wound to the back of the head in the back of a van in Malinaltepec, a human rights campaigner told AFP.

The rights activist had been involved in negotiations to free the politician after he was detained Thursday in an indigenous village.

Guerrero’s public prosecutor said an investigation into aggravated murder had been opened, with a possible land ownership dispute part of the probe.


Since Mexico’s campaign season began last September, around 30 political candidates have been killed, according to Data Civica, a non-governmental organization.

Guerrero, one of the states most affected by drug cartel violence given its location along Mexico’s Pacific coast, recorded 1,890 murders in 2023.


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