In the December 6, 2020 edition of The Signature Show, we ran a Special Report titled The Rash of Kidnappings.
That special report anchored by correspondent Chibueze Obi ended with a question, Is Anywhere Safe in Nigeria Today?
President Muhammadu Buhari, in his 2021 new year broadcast answered that question when he admitted that insecurity was a major challenge to many states of the Nigerian nation in 2020.

President Muhammadu Buhari followed that admission that Nigerians faced the trauma of pervasive insecurity in 2020 with a promise to upscale government’s effort to address the challenge in 2021.
A number of Nigerians, in assessing the President’s New Year broadcast, especially with regard to his promise on tackling insecurity, have argued that the president did not give any specific insight to steps the government would take to address the challenge. There are also many Nigerians who say the president’s new year speech reflected the lack of understanding and empathy with many suffering families whose lives have been ruined by insurgency, kidnapping and banditry, the three violent crimes that accounted for the most deaths in 2020.

As a number of pundits have argued, there is nothing novel that can inspire hope in the president’s new year promise to do more to combat insecurity in Nigeria. That line is worn with repetition that has not produced any tangible result. For the avoidance of doubt, it may be necessary to draw attention to the fact that while the promise of tackling insecurity is being repeated, many more Nigerian children are being orphaned, emotionally injured and maladjusted, rendered totally hopeless if not becoming the most endangered segment of our population.
As it is said, the child is father of the man. He is the valiant youth, the scheming man or the cunning mother of tomorrow. Every man has only one childhood and if that childhood is blighted, made the fertile ground for planting vengeance and evening scores with the society, then the society would have prepared the objective condition for its own unravelling, to be gripped by its members who owe no allegiance to it but only seek Pounds of flesh

For the sake of the Nigerian child who today seems to walk the lonely road of the grave consequence of insecurity; for the sake of the Nigerian child, who suffers hunger, whose innocence is being destroyed in the IDP camps, who is growing up without the warmth of parents and siblings because their families are almost always on the run, the governments must resolve to speak realizable hope, raise realizable hope and act realizable hope. Leadership at all levels must also mobilize our collective humanity to support our government to resolve our insecurity question. The truth is that insecurity is undermining Nigeria’s future and the prospect of a happy and supportive Nigerian population. Its consequences may hunt us for the next 50 years.
Boots on the ground is a conventional solution, change of Service Chiefs is distributive politics, blaming unpatriotic elements is nonsense and only excites the scoundrel. However, reaching Nigeria’s unreached who bear the brunt of the present situation, with development basics of water, health services, education and even earth roads, telling Nigerian the truth of our insecurity situation, provide believable evidence that the government cares. They make up the wheel that can begin to turn the Nigerian super tanker presently stranded in the violent sea of unending insurgency.
That should be the real promise of 2021

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