Some Governors Are Threats To Stability Of Traditional Institutions – Atiku


Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar has raised an alarm over the actions of some governors regarding traditional institutions.

In a statement on Tuesday, he said the action of some governors poses threat to the stability of traditional institutions in the country.

Apparently referring to the Emirship tussle in Kano and alleged move by the Sokoto State Government to tamper with the sultanate structure, Atiku said recent developments in the country has seen a “growing tendency of state governments exerting influence in distorting the modalities of enthroning traditional stools.”

The government of Sokoto has denied that there are moves to remove the Sultan.

In his statement, Atiku said, “While it is understandable that the institutions of traditional rulership is in the exclusive purview of the state government, although through the local government authorities, it must be established that traditional institutions constitute a component of our governance structure.

“And thus, traditional institutions must be protected from the arbitrariness of state governments that threaten their stability.

“When the structure of ascension of traditional rulers is unstable, it will become equally difficult to maintain peace and orderliness in communities.”

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Candidate in the last election also said “although our constitution, in its current format, does not ascribe any recognition to traditional institutions, yet our experiences show clearly that they perform enormous roles in the economic life of their domains, as well as maintenance of peace and security in communities.




“I wish to remind that the traditional institutions formed the governance structures before the advent of the colonialists. And they governed well. Consequently, they are institutions we must protect and preserve and not destroy.

“It is, therefore, on this basis that I lean towards the advocacy that calls for constitutional reform that will not just recognize traditional institutions in our body of laws but also define the responsibilities of their offices.

” This reform is even more important in view of the collective drive to stem the ugly tide of terrorism and sundry security challenges at the local levels.

“I must also appeal to state governors to accord the necessary respect to the offices of traditional institutions. The customs that our traditional rulers represent is the totality of our heritage as a people.”


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