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Southwest Agitation: Federal Government Ought To Resolve Issues That Divide Us As A Nation

Now more than ever, agitations for division of Nigeria is a situation that calls for concern, lest we break apart what our founding fathers worked hard for, a one Nigeria. The agitation which was previously limited to the Southeastern part of the country, like a virus, has regrettably spread to the Southwestern part of the country. I spoke to a Human Rights activist, Suleiman Adeniran who says there would have been no need for calls of division if leadership was fair to all and one was not through nepotism, treated as a second class citizen.

Recently, some groups sprang up in the Southwest beating the drums of secession through campaigns from one state of the region to the other. One of the groups, the Ilana Omo Oodua Yoruba group staged a self-determination rally in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital. This group had at different times, visited traditional rulers and other authorities to sensitise them on the need for self-determination of the region, seeking their support.

One of the leaders of Ilana Omo Oodua, Chief Kunle Adesokan, while addressing the gathering at Mapo area, Ibadan, noted the desire of the Yoruba was to have their nation and exit Nigeria, where they were being killed, maimed and raped without justice.

The situation of insecurity is tragic. The federal government is a government for all Nigerians and must see to it that justice is served and states are protected. However, is secession the answer to ending insecurity?

Recently, Osun State government suspended three school principals for allowing their school premises to be used by the agitators. Even though governors of the region have disowned the agitators, they support the call for restructuring of the country. Speaking with newsmen recently, the Vice-Chancellor, Bowen University, Iwo, Prof Joshua Olalekan Ogunwole, charged leaders to resolve issues that tend to divide us as a nation.

According to him, Nigeria is better as a united country and our diversity should enhance our strength rather than divide us. The Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi and the Alaafin of Oyo Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi declared their support for an indivisible one Nigeria.

The foremost traditional rulers also insisted that Nigeria is better as a united country and called for the application of wisdom in the agitation for a divided country.

Above all, Nigeria has gone a long way as a united and indivisible entity, while it is obvious that the people of Southwest are not keen on the division of the country, the leaders of the land can return the country to those days when a call for the division of the country was an aberration by doing the needful. We all know of the popular saying, ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall!’

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