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Traders lament closure of markets in Abuja

The federal government on Tuesday said its decision to close the popular Wuse market in Abuja was to stop the uncontrolled violation of the COVID19 executive order signed by President Muhammadu Buhari to contain the spread of the virus in the current second wave. The Head of Public Enlightenment and National Enforcement Task Force on Covid-19, Ikharo Attah, who spoke exclusively to SignatureTV’s Chibueze Obi said the Closure of Wuse Market was ordered by a court.
He explained that both the traders and the management of Wuse market operated the market in complete breach of all the protective protocols contained in the Executive Order signed by President Muhammadu Buhari to contain the spread of the virus and keep Nigerians safe.

Ikharo Attah told Signature TV that the Wuse Market could be open soon but that would depend on the level of compliance to the COVID-19 protocols by the market management and the traders.
Some of the traders said however that their businesses have been grounded by the closure of the market and that its impact would tell on their businesses which are struggling to recover from the previous economic lockdown.

The traders, who promised to comply with all rules stipulated in the President’s Executive Order cautioned that besides killing their businesses, a prolonged closure of the market could lead to loss of jobs and difficulties, for many families.

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