Trump’s trial: Republican senators block witnesses


By a vote of 51-49, Republican dominated US Senate rejected calls Friday to hear witnesses against President Donald Trump at his impeachment trial, making the whole trial a charade and the most abbreviated in US Senate history.

Republican lawmakers said it was not their job to rescue Democrats who had impeached Trump at the House of Representatives, blocked by Trump in calling executive witnesses.

The Senate in taking its well anticipated decision refused to be swayed by a steady stream of “bombshell” reports from John Bolton, a former National Security Adviser and opinion polls in which 75 per cent of American voters demanded witnesses.

Only two Republican Senators supported the 47 Democrats in the Senate to request for witnesses and subpoena documents.

Immediately after the vote the Senate went into recess.

Expected next is Trump’s acquittal.


Democrats said there will always be an asterisk next to that verdict.

“A trial without witnesses is not a trial. You can call it something else, but it’s not a trial,” said Rep. Adam Schiff, the Democrats’ top prosecutor.


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