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Welcome to the 4th April, 2020, another edutaining time with Dami. Today, we would be starting off with the Did you know segment.

  • Did you know August has the highest percentage of births.
  • Did you know the first letters of the months July through to November spell JASON.
  • Did you know months that start on a Sunday will always have a Friday the 13th.

I’m sure quite a number of you know the gist about Friday the 13th 😁 and incase you don’t, stay tuned to this platform for an educating piece on that soon.

Moving on to the Savage Replies of the day (Photos)

Since when did sitting like a lady become a problem 🙄
When classmate will not let you shine in peace 😁

Now to Celebrity Gist

An American singer and song-writer Dolly Parton has announced that she will be donating a sum of $1million U.S Dollars to Vanderbilt University towards coronavirus research.

‘The legendary artist disclosed this in a post on her official Instagram handle @dollyparton on Thursday.

“My longtime friend Dr. Naji Abumrad, who’s been involved in research at Vanderbilt for many years, informed me that they were making some exciting advancements towards research of the coronavirus for a cure.

“I am making a donation of $1million to Vanderbilt towards that research and to encourage people that can afford it to make donations,” she wrote in a statement posted on her official handle with over 3million followers.

Dolly Patron

Parton is one of many American celebrities who have made donations towards  the COVID-19 pandemic.

A few others include rapper, Kanye West; Actress Angelina Jolie; Singer, Ciara and NFL quarterback Russell Wilson.

Dolly patron is know for one of her major hit song “Coat of many colours”.


Tit for Tat


A man heard that the Government is giving everybody with 5 children 500,000Dollars but he had only 4 children with his wife

so he told the wife that he wished to go and get one child from his Girlfriend house which they had 5 years ago to add with the 4 children at home to make 5 children in other to receive the money.

Coming back home he met just 2 children and asked the wife where the other Children are

She replied no be only you hear the news o, dia papa don come for them.

The man fainted. 😁😁

Thanks for keeping it a date with us again today. Join us tomorrow for another interesting show. Have a lovely weekend.



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