Trump to speak on impeachment Thursday

United States President, Donald Trump said that he will issue a formal statement on Thursday after his acquittal on two impeachment charges.

“I will be making a public statement tomorrow at 12:00 pm from the @WhiteHouse to discuss our Country’s VICTORY on the Impeachment Hoax!” he tweeted.

Shortly before, he tweeted a montage depicting a fake cover of Time magazine declaring him president for all eternity.

Trump was acquitted in two Senate votes, based entirely on his Republican party support, of abusing his office and obstructing Congress.

Trump’s defenders were not seen as having undermined the facts compiled by Schiff’s probe, and several Republican senators acknowledged he did wrong.

But his lawyers and Senate defenders argued, essentially, that Trump’s behaviour was not egregious enough for impeachment and removal.

And, pointing to the December House impeachment vote, starkly along party lines, they painted it as a political effort to “destroy the president” in an election year — arguing that voters should be allowed to decide Trump’s fate.

“Your hatred of Donald has blinded you to the obvious. This is not about protecting the country, this is about destroying the president,” Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said before the vote.

“The only way for this to end permanently is for the president to get reelected.”

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